Professionelle Bewerbungsfotos Berlin / Business photography in Berlin / by Natalia Lipchanskaya

I’m very happy to announce that for already one year I am making what I personally think to be one of the best CV and Business Portraits in Berlin! And I’m normally very critical about myself but not in this case:)

There is a big market for Bewerbungsfotos and Business Portraits in Germany, companies are paying a lot of attention to get themselves well-presented on market, so I was truly amazed how many low-quality pictures are there in the market.

CV’s pictures seem to be very simple at first glance, but it’s crucial to find a good connection with your client and to uncover their personality while making them feel great and relaxed. Therefore I decided for myself — when I can — not to work in the studio and take my clients to locations that I find perfect for this sort of images. The artificial studio surrounding doesn’t make the relaxation process any easier.

You can check my separate website for my Business Images and check more examples of my work here:

And if you need any help to get the best possible images of yourself — just drop me a line:)