Finn the Greyhound & his Family / by Natalia Lipchanskaya

Meet Finn The Greyhound, rescued from Ireland and his beautiful family!

In Ireland greyhound racing is a popular sport and a huge business, so dogs are selected and trained for money. According to The Irish Times, “every year thousands are “retired”, which is an euphemism for a far different reality”. If they are not good enough they got killed. It’s that simple and sad. Rescue centres & volunteers in Ireland & Europe try to save the retired animals (who are sometimes just 1 year old!) and find them new family.

This is the story of Finn — he had a short racing career, retired, was brought by volunteers to Germany and found his amazing family in Berlin. He is a stunner, frequent restaurants & bars visitor, he’s got a list of fans and the best family ever! But seriously, just look at this handsome guy!

I was really happy to capture them altogether in September.

Don’t buy, adopt! <3